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GWM Presents | Line up Oct WED 7th 2015
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Stefano Noferini - Club Edition [RS]

Foreign - Crossfrontier Audio 031 [RS]

Ivan Castro - Introspectives[RS]
Emanuel Begnis - Progressions [RS]

MarianoBrox - Special Guest [SG]

The People - Groove Connection by Arturo Mercado [RS]

Jorge Pizana - Private Influences [RS]

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1st Week of each month WCross Carl Cox SQL
2nd Week each of month   Danny Howells Christian Smith
3rd Week each of month   Yuosef Marco Bailey
4th Week each of month   Coyu Barry Jamieson
  Nikko Z (April 2012) BUE, ARG GWM 001 - Unique Series I WCross - Owner Facebok - Twitter - E- Mail
  DAVI (June 2012) BUE, ARG GWM 002 - Unique Series I The remixes I Arturo Mercado - Partner | Mexico Facebok - E- Mail
  Showcase GWM (September2012) D.F, MEX GWM 003 - Supernova Ivan Castro - Partner | Colombia Facebok - E- Mail
  Cid Inc (November 2012) BUE, ARG GWM 004 - Unique Series I The remixes II Javier Benitez - Artistic Manager | ARG Facebok - E- Mail
  Rich Curtis (April 2013) BUE, ARG GWM 005 - No Need To Hide  
  Scotty.A (August 2013) BUE, ARG GWM 006 - Restringa  
  Marc Poppcke & Ioan Gamboa
(November 2013) BUE, ARG
GWM 007 - Oblivion  
  Showcase GWM (July 2014) D.F, MEX GWM 008 - I Am Who I Am  
  Scotty.A (July 2014) BUE, ARG GWM 009 - Drops  
    GWM 010 - Canopus  
    GWM 011 - Deluxe EP  
    GWM 012 - Etereo  
    GWM 013 - Anubis  
    GWM 014 - Bora Bora  
  Derek Howell (November 2014) BUE, ARG Facebook GWM Label Facebok bookings@goldenwingsmusic.com E- Mail
  Nikko.Z (December 2014) BUE, ARG Mariano Favre - Manager | ARG Facebok - E- Mail Contact: info@goldenwingsmusic.com E- Mail



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Golden Wings Music Label | Presents - Unique Series II

Release: Oct 19 2015 [GWM016]
GWM is proud to present the return of the Unique Series. The label's first release was an incredible compilation release entitled ‘Unique Series I'. The seven track collection returns now with the part 2, this time including music from MUUI, Michael A, Simos Tagias, East Cafe, Oscar Vazquez, Madloch and Lucas Rossi. Top notch offering from Golden Wings with everyone delivering excellent work. Don't miss it.

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Awesome review courtesy of Change-underground. - Special thanks to Mitch Alexander (MicroCastle)

"Golden Wings Music was one of 2014’s best new electronic music imprints. The Argentinean label ended the year with four solid releases on its discography and an artist roster which includes the likes of Nikko.Z, Marc Poppcke, Marcelo Vasami and Luis Bondio. 2015 begins with the label continuing its strong momentum and showcasing a brand new single from East Cafe entitled ‘No Need To Hide.’ "


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